Connection and Channel

These two are the primitive datatypes of the underlying Java AMQP client. What RabbitClient provides is the guarantee of acquiring, using and releasing both Connection and Channel in a safe way by using Resource. Even in the case of failure it is guaranteed that all the resources will be cleaned up.

import cats.effect.{IO, Resource}
import cats.implicits._
import dev.profunktor.fs2rabbit.interpreter.RabbitClient
import dev.profunktor.fs2rabbit.model.AMQPChannel

def program(R: RabbitClient[IO]): IO[Unit] = {
  val connChannel: Resource[IO, AMQPChannel] = R.createConnectionChannel
  connChannel.use { implicit channel =>
    // Here create consumers, publishers, etc

Multiple channels per connection

Creating a Connection is expensive so you might want to reuse it and create multiple Channels from it. There are two primitive operations that allow you to do this:

  • createConnection: Resource[F, AMQPConnection]
  • createChannel(conn: AMQPConnection): Resource[F, AMQPChannel]

The operation createConnectionChannel is a convenient function defined in terms of these two primitives.

def foo(R: RabbitClient[IO])(implicit channel: AMQPChannel): IO[Unit] = IO.unit

def multChannels(R: RabbitClient[IO]): IO[Unit] =
  R.createConnection.use { conn =>
    R.createChannel(conn).use { implicit channel =>
    } *>
    R.createChannel(conn).use { implicit channel =>