The main RabbitMQ configuration should be defined as Fs2RabbitConfig. You choose how to get the information, either from an application.conf file, from the environment or provided by an external system. A popular option that fits well the tech stack is Pure Config.

import dev.profunktor.fs2rabbit.config.{Fs2RabbitConfig, Fs2RabbitNodeConfig}

val config = Fs2RabbitConfig(
  virtualHost = "/",
  nodes =
      host = "",
      port = 5672
  username = Some("guest"),
  password = Some("guest"),
  ssl = false,
  connectionTimeout = 3,
  requeueOnNack = false,
  internalQueueSize = Some(500),
  automaticRecovery = true

The internalQueueSize indicates the size of the fs2’s bounded queue used internally to communicate with the AMQP Java driver. The automaticRecovery indicates whether the AMQP Java driver should try to recover broken connections.